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Listened to Laura almost all weekend while decking out a creeep old house.

Chuck Close

Cindy, 1988

Chuck Close is one of my favorites! I really appreciate his portraits and the unique take that he has on them. This particular one is so great because it’s enchanting to look at both far away and close up. Its crazy all the colors that go into one small area.

Garth Weiser

Untitles (red figure #1), 2008

This is an artist I was not familiar with, but I reallly liked. I like his use of monochromatic red palette and the neutral palette in the center.

Jeff Koons

Rabbit, 1986

I was excited to see Koons’ “Rabbit” – not only do I enjoy his work, but how can you pass up a stainless steel cast of a soft inflatable toy rabbit? One of my favorite parts about this sculpture is the mirror effect (can see me in the red dress in the pic).

“Koons attempts to affirm his belief that art can allow you to accept your tastes and desires, regardless of their perceived cultural value or class associations.”