Audrey Kawasaki

I enjoyed and appriciated the artist that Binky presented – Audrey Kawasaki.

Kawasaki’s work tends to have a melancholy mood without being too sad, which is appealing. I also like how she uses her materials (oils, charcol, graphite) on a wood paneling, which is a surface that I would really like to start experimenting with.


Martin Parr

Bug’s presentation on Martin Parr was also intriguing.

Parr’s documentary-style photography focuses on tourism around the globe. While his photos can be rather unsettling or unattractive, he is capturing real moments in life, which are and often can be unsettling or unattractive.

His use of color is also awesome – since most of his work seems to be taken in daylight the colors really pop.


Nam June Paik

I also really got into Jane’s artist: Nam June Paik.

I definitely want to study his work and thought process more. I like how he talks about using art and technology together and how, as technology progresses it is good to have 50/50 of both worlds.

thanks Jane!