My chosen contrast for project 2 is Saturation.

Saturation is a contrast formed by the juxtaposition of light and dark values and their relative state. With my three pieces of work, I aimed to exhibit different levels of saturation: high saturation, balanced saturation, and de-saturation.

Between last week, and this, I was pulled onto a practicum film as the head designer. As I struggled to not only decide on my design for the film, I was still unsure of the color contrast I had choses for Color Strat “warm vs cold”. Once I settled on saturation as my focus, I wanted to have a theme in each of the three pieces that not only related to each other, but also the three character in the film.

In order to support the color contrast and their differences from each other, my theme does not lay within the literal images used for the collage but the form of the paper itself: Organic, free-form, and geometric.

Now that the body of work is completed, I have had a chance to take a fresh look at the three pieces as a whole. It is visually apparent that the three pieces represent different levels of saturation. However, once the pieces are separated, there are various levels of saturation that are either pulled or pushed within one piece alone, as each piece’s relative state stands alone.

(pictures soon)